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    Usually a user name and password for the modem becomes admin. A complete list of available modems below. You can examine if you wish to download.

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    Used Some Modem List (Download all list)

    All Modem List user name and password

    Rooter Name IP User Name Password
    3 Com n/a admin
    3 Com adminttd adminttd
    3 Com admin n/a
    3 Com n/a PASSWORD
    3 Com root !root
    ACC netman netman
    ACCTON n/a 0
    Aceex admin n/a
    Aceex admin epicrouter
    actiontec n/a n/a
    ADC Kentrox n/a secret
    adtran n/a n/a
    Air Link+ admin admin
    Aiway 0 n/a
    Allied Telesyn root n/a
    Allied Telesyn Manager Friend
    All Net user user
    All Net user user
    Ambit user user
    Ambit admin password
    Ambit root n/a
    Ambit root n/a
    Amitech admin admin
    Apple admin admin
    Arescom n/a atc123
    Arescom dsladmin n/a
    Adcend admin ascend
    Adcend n/a ascend
    Ascom n/a n/a
    Asmack admin epicroute
    ASUS admin admin
    Avaya root root
    Bausch Datacom admin epicroute
    Bay Networks user n/a
    Bay Networks Manager Manager
    Bay Networks Manager n/a
    Belkin n/a n/a
    Belkin admin n/a
    Benq Admin admin
    Bintec admin bintec
    Boson n/a n/a
    Broadlogic admin admin
    Broadlogic installer installer
    Broadlogic webadmin webadmin
    Buffalo root n/a
    Cable & Wireless admin 1234
    Cabletron netman n/a
    Cabletron n/a n/a
    Canyon Administrator admin
    Canyon admin 1234
    Cayman Any n/a
    Cisco cisco cisco